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You spend more than a third of your life in bed. At Soporifique, we believe that your bed and your bedroom should be a haven of comfort and beauty that reflects the time you spend there. Bringing back the grand traditions of textiles to those who love quality and the craftsmanship of true artisans, Soporifique carries only the finest products for your bed and home. Our focus is on natural fibers, including linen, cashmere, cotton, wool, silk and bamboo. Every vendor we carry has their own story, style, and traditions that influence their products. Many products are handmade, and many of our products are made right here in the USA.

At Soporifique, we also believe in reflecting the individuality if every sleeper. Do you prefer your sheets silky or crisp? Do you like to have some weight on you at night, or do you prefer feather light bedding? Do you get too hot, or have trouble getting warm, or both? We can help you find the perfect bedding to reflect not only your personal style, but to provide you with the ideal sleeping environment to maximize the quality of your sleep.

Come and learn, and find the stories and fabrics that celebrate you and your sleep.

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We will be closing our store in Victor, NY effective September 15, 2018/

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